Monday, August 18, 2014

Philadelphia mom heading to trial for carrying gun in NJ

A Pennsylvania woman faces three and a half to 10 years in prison as she heads to trial beginning October 6 for violating New Jersey’s state gun laws.
Shaneen Allen, 27, was the victim of two robberies in her south Philadelphia neighborhood. So, last September she purchased a handgun and obtained a permit that allows her to carry it in the state of Pennsylvania as well as a host of other states that have CCW reciprocity agreements with Pennsylvania. Just a week later, Allen, a single mother of two, drove across the Delaware River to New Jersey to prepare for her son’s birthday party. She was then pulled over for a traffic violation.
Upon being approached by the police officer, Allen presented her license, registration and carry permit and volunteered to the officer she was carrying a handgun. Not knowing that the state of New Jersey does not recognize out-of-state carry permits, she was promptly arrested and spent 46 days in jail, nearly losing both of her jobs, her home and her children in the process.
Allen has no prior criminal record, so her attorney, Evan Nappen, the top firearms attorney in NJ, petitioned for her to be enrolled in a diversionary program that allows first time offenders to avoid jail time and maintain a clean record at its conclusion. Unfortunately, New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain denied this request, and Superior Court Judge Michael Donio denied an appeal to overturn this decision. However, back in May, McClain and Donio allowed star NFL running back Ray Rice to enroll in this same program after he was charged with beating his wife unconscious in February.
New Jersey’s absurd gun laws unfairly punish law-abiding citizens, and hopefully cases like this one will exponentially increase the support for a proposed federal legislation that would mandate right-to-carry reciprocity among states. Nappen, like the rest of us, wants the jury to use simple common sense and invoke jury nullification. This is a constitutional doctrine that allows juries to exonerate defendants who are technically guilty but do not deserve to be punished. This would be a huge step toward federal reciprocity, as overdue as it may be.
A legal defense fund for Allen has received nearly $40,000 to date from more than 1,000 generous donors.

Here is a link to a great video that explains it in even more detail.
Shaneen Allen Video

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TruGlo TFO Night Sights - Sometimes less is more!

Many of us think that paying more means we get more. This isn't always true.

There are a number of manufacturers of high quality, durable, Tritium night sights out there for you to choose from. Depending on the pistol those competing sights are intended to fit and any other features such as windage and elevation adjustments, they generally range from $110 - $165 for a good set, the majority of which carry a 10 or 12 year warranty against lamp failure. TruGlo TFO Tritium Fiber Optic night sights sell for $99.99 including free shipping(at the time of publishing this article) through our webstore and I am going to tell you why they are the best(in my opinion) while remaining one of the least expensive sets you can buy, so please read on.

I have been using TruGlo TFO Tritium Fiber Optic sights on a Glock 17 and Glock 21 for at least 7 years now and I have been happy with them ever since. I use the Green Front / Green Rear set but they are also offered in a Green Front / Yellow Rear combo.

TFO stands for "Tritium Fiber Optic". TruGlo TFO sights are an infusion of Tritium & Fiber Optic technologies.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. This is what makes the sights glow in the dark. While the trace amount of tritium used in night sights is not dangerous unless ingested, it should be noted that weapon sights containing tritium are regulated for export by the U.S. Department of State and may also not be legal in other countries.

Fiber Optics are basically a flexible, transparent fiber made of high quality extruded glass or plastic that transmit data, or in this case, light.

Now that science 101 is taken care of, here is how the Tritium and the Fiber Optics work together on TruGlo TFO sights. The tritium is encapsulated in sealed plastic tubes and cause the sights to glow at night. While I have also owned both Trijicon & Meprolight night sights, the TruGlo's simply seem to be much brighter than the more expensive products they compete with. My G17 & G21 sit in my safe for most of the year except for the two or three times I make it out to the range and everytime I open the safe up to take them out they are always glowing back at me nice and bright.

The Fiber Optics feature of the sight set are an exposed section of the tritium tube that gather light. This makes them easily visible and distinguishable when exposed to light, whether natural sunlight or artificial light. Most traditional night sights just appear as white dots during the daytime, but not these!

Over the years, customers have called and either asked questions or have sometimes wanted to return other brands of sights. Anytime I have had the opportunity to convince the customer to give the TruGlo TFO's a shot(no pun intended), almost 100% of the time I have gotten a "thank you" phone call or e-mail from the customer for turning them onto these great sights.

It should also be noted that they fit in all holsters or at least I have not found a single holster that they don't fit in or get snagged in.

The only downside with these sights is that they are only offered for a small selection of handguns. People are constantly requesting them for guns they are just not offered for. Here is a quick look at the fit list:

  • Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, & 42
  • Smith & Wesson M&P, M&P .22, M&P Shield, SD40, & SD9
  • Sig-Sauer #8 Front/#8 Rear and Sig-Sauer #6 Front/#8 Rear
  • Kimber 1911 (these ONLY fit Kimbers, no other makes of 1911)
  • Springfield XD, XD-S, & XDm

If you are in the market for your next set of sights, take a look and checkout some online reviews for them, you wont regret it. The can be purchased directly from us by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SureFire: Simply the BEST Flashlights and WeaponLights!

SureFire Flashlights Outshine the Rest

SureFire flashlights and weapon mounted lights combine quality and functionality in a unique way. These products provide unsurpassed power, and each light produces consistent and intense illumination. The flashlights are durable, which means they can take a beating and continue to supply a steady beam of light. Because most items in the line are compact, virtually anyone can benefit from using them.

Whether you are a security guard, member of the military, law enforcement official or layperson, you will appreciate the light output these products produce. Women can store the pocket-sized flashlights in purses for an extra level of confidence. Even young children can take advantage of these products by bringing the lights on camping trips, sleepovers or other adventures.

When it comes to LED flashlights, this brand stands out from the crowd. The products produce optimum illumination without any rings, shadows or dead zones. Each item supplies numerous levels of light output, which results in a luminous, steady white beam. The power source in each light is regulated by a computer, so you can be certain your flashlight will be reliable in the most precarious situations.

SureFire lights are manufactured using high-quality, durable, scratch-resistant alloys. They can absorb shock, and they are rugged enough to withstand the everyday abuse from law enforcement or tactical use. Because they are compact and lightweight, these lights are easy to conceal and transport. They are engineered to emit precise beams of light much greater than their sizes suggest.

One of the brand's most impressive lines is the Fury series. These handheld flashlights provide 500-lumen single-output illumination. You can also select a dual-output option. Use the CombatLight with your pistol for a secure grip, or choose the Defender with its sturdy strike bezel for personal defense purposes. If you're looking for a basic handheld that emits a blinding light, opt for the P2X Fury Tactical.

Those searching for superior weapon lights can select from the company's impressive and expansive line of handgun, rifle and shotgun mounting lights. These weapon mounted flashlights are ideal for military personnel, police officers and other defense experts. The most notable products offered by the brand are the handgun weapon lights. You can choose from the X300 or X400 series.

The X300 and X300 Ultra generate 170 and 500 lumens respectively. The X400 provides 170 lumens and has a powerful red laser for aiming purposes as well. Regardless of the item you choose, you will be satisfied with the tightness and brilliance of the beams emitted. Each of these weapon lights will mount securely onto your weapon, so you can safely operate the light and gun.

The SureFire company has been producing high-quality flashlights for years. This brand is always in the forefront when it comes to lighting technology. Their LED flashlights can handle severe abuse, and bulb replacement is not an issue. You can rest assured, not matter what type of lighting tool you need, the products supplied by this cutting edge flashlight manufacturer will not disappoint.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

National Right To Carry Reciprocity Act - Isn't It About Time That It Passes?

Our forefathers fought hard for American citizens to not only own but also carry firearms. Politicians know they cannot simply take that freedom away as an entire package although there are many that would like to. Their alternative plan is and has been to eliminate that right in steps by adding restrictive anti-gun laws. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, laws were passed to ban handguns in many states. Prior to 1987, there were only 10 states with right to carry laws.

Experts were able to prove that citizens lawfully carrying firearms reduced crime rates in every U.S. county by deterring criminals. When and where concealed carry laws went into effect, rapes fell by five percent, aggravated assaults fell by seven percent and murders fell by slightly more than eight percent. Anti-gun activists have tried to present other numbers, as many of us know, but their quantification methods involved using irrelevant numbers from several decades ago instead of current statistics. This is why right-to-carry laws have been adopted by so many states in recent years.

As it stands today, 49 states have laws allowing law-abiding citizens to obtain concealed-carry permits. However, some are more restrictive than others. States are classified as may-issue, shall-issue, no-issue or unrestricted. Illinois and the District of Columbia are the only no-issue zones. Although, it should also be noted that even though New Jersey is classified as a "May-Issue" state, they are truly a "No-Issue" state. They summarily turn down all permit applications with the exception of Law Enforcement and Armored Car Drivers(armored car drivers can only carry while on duty). In fact, in the Garden State, when a law-abiding person asks for an application, most police officers will recommend to not even bother applying.

Several shall-issue states are forming reciprocity agreements with neighboring states or states with similar permit requirements, which allows permit holders to carry their guns in both locations. Until 2011, any ideas or proposed legislation to make the right a nationwide standard had been refused.

In November of 2011, H.R. 822, which is also known as the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011, was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives. In a bipartisan vote of 272-154, the bill was approved. Fortunately, all proposed amendments meant to undercut it were rejected. This is a great step in the right direction for legal gun owners. However, the bill still has to be passed to become effective. Law-abiding citizens should not be limited to carry in specific states or only within their own state's lines. For example, cross-country truck drivers are frequent victims of crime. However, many drivers who have permits from the states they reside in cannot legally carry their guns in nanny states where crime rates are unreasonably high.

This bill is currently in the Senate where it has not yet been acted upon. If you want to make a difference, write to your lawmakers and encourage them to pass the bill. You can find your U.S. State Senators' contact information at Talk to other gun owners, and encourage them to get involved. Some gun owners are misinformed or don't even know about this issue. Some wrongly believe this bill includes a national firearm registry requirement, a removal of unrestricted carry zones and a bureaucracy to establish nationwide permit standards. Encourage them to read the bill in full to dispel these misconceptions.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colorado Newest State to Permit Concealed Carry On Campus

And Colorado Makes Seven!

Colorado has now joined six other states that allow concealed weapons on a total of 220 college campuses. The Colorado Supreme Court deemed that permitting only law enforcement officers to carry guns on campus was in violation of the state’s concealed carry law and was therefore illegal. The change in the law will apply to all of the state’s public college campuses. Members of the group Students for Concealed Carry are thrilled with the decision. The group criticized the previous ban on guns on campus as unenforceable, claiming it did nothing but encourage psychopaths by making them aware that students will be unarmed and unable to defend themselves. Students for Concealed Carry is a non-partisan group with over 40,000 members who believe that people with concealed weapons permits should have the same rights on campus as off campus.

With this decision, Colorado public college campuses have just become a lot safer for law-abiding students, faculty, and staff, and much less safe for those who might be thinking about committing wholesale massacre of college students, or even victimizing just one. It’s definitely a game-changer for predators who think it’s easy pickins on college campuses. The decision in Colorado is a victory not only for Second Amendment supporters and Colorado citizens who have completed the training certifying them to carry a concealed weapon, but also for the students whose lives might now be saved, either directly or indirectly, as a result.

Students walking around on or near campuses in Colorado were likely considered good targets by muggers and rapists who knew they would probably not be armed. Now, with the change in the law, those who would consider victimizing college students will think twice, knowing that the student might be armed. Imagine a country where we never again have to hear about another tragedy like what happened at Virginia Tech. Imagine what might have happened differently if the young woman who was murdered at Yale a couple of years ago had been carrying a concealed weapon. Her body was found on what was to have been her wedding day. If she’d been armed, she would've had a fighting chance to save her own life.

Other states may soon be following Colorado’s lead. Ohio, for one, is considering revisiting their gun laws after a recent shooting at a high school there. Utah, which already allows concealed carry on campuses, is considering permitting open carry. Additionally, Georgia has filed a bill that would dramatically overhaul that state's gun laws, and one of those changes would allow concealed carry on college campuses.